About me...

Has opposable thumbs, walks upright, and makes stone tools.  And fish.  And other stuff.  



Born 1956.  Drank a lot of milk.

1957 - 1980.  In chronological order, did a lot of homework, rode bikes, caught fireflies, discovered girls, got degrees in art    and biology, traded my time for money (apparently known as "a job"), got another degree in something completely forgettable, traveled a fair bit 

1980.  False start in knapping.  Lasted a couple months -- lousy tools, poor rock, and too many band-aids.  More traveling,    more jobby stuff.

1990.  Began knapping seriously. 

1997.  Small, noisy, poop generating machine arrived (identified by my wife as a "daughter").

1999.  Poop machines #2 and 3 arrived.  (Holy crap, this "life" stuff is serious!)

I'm a happy guy with a loving wife, three wonderful kids, and two fuzzy dogs.   I try to spend a big chunk of each day in my shop.   Sometimes I take big things (like a large rock) and turn it into a smaller thing (like a point).  And sometimes I take small things (like bottle caps and scraps of tin) and make a large thing (like a fish).  It's not very complicated, luckily, which is a good thing as over-thinking is overrated (I think). 

Simplicity, humor, and careful craftsmanship are what I strive for.  I hope it shows.  And maybe more importantly, I hope these things bring a bit of pleasure to your life. 

 This is my usual toolkit.  Copper billets for percussion (one inch solid rods), a pressure flaker, an abrading stone, a leather leg pad, and a slotted  hand pad. 

Not shown:  band-aids.  If you're going to knap, you're going to bleed.  See those brown spots near the top of the leather pad?  Yep, it's A+.

Contact:  woodyblackwell@gmail.com

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