( This verbage is from the DVD jacket.  I can't read it with a straight face.  It's a truly exceptional DVD for learning to knap, but when I read the "revered" stuff I crack up.  By the way, Pete's cast is quite amazing --  just what we've come to expect from a craftsman like him.)


Woody Blackwell is revered as one of the finest flintknappers of our time, and this new DVD, "Flintknapping, The Art Of The Ancients," demonstrates why.
In this hour and a half presentation
Woody expertly takes you on a
step-by-step tour of flintknapping tools,
the terminology, techniques, and materials,
concluding with a virtuoso performance:
using the tools and techniques
described, Woody creates a modern-day
masterpiece while you watch from
several see-all camera angles.
Whether just beginning this facinating hobby or ready to hone your skills and move to the next level, this DVD is your key to
the art of the ancients.
Price $29.95 + $5.00 s/h
Order by phone at 417-335-6725 or from
our secure web order form:
A companion tool to this outstanding tutorial is an epoxy cast, made from the preform created during the filming of this DVD. This replica is available exclusively from Pete Bostrom at Lithics Casting Lab.
In addition to showing all the nuances of platform preparation, it allows the viewer of the DVD to have a 3 dimensional sample in their hands as you view the DVD. It also serves as a great tool for teaching others. 







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